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The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Click
Friday, December 1, 2017

If you’re not a floor expert like us, you may not know exactly the type of flooring you’re looking for or the types of questions to ask. We’re here to help ease the decision of the new flooring you’re looking for.

One of the great flooring options we offer is Luxury Vinyl Click. What is that you may ask? We will break it down for you!

If you’re in a home that has a lot of foot traffic, and the possibility for rougher foot traffic (from items like cleats or perhaps animal claws) Luxury Vinyl Click will give you the hardwood feel, but the durability you are looking for. It is a type of vinyl plank flooring that is known for its durability. You would be choosing a long lasting option that will leave you breathless time and time again with the polished and design you were looking for in that first moment the floor was complete. An added plus is that this is an affordable option! If you are looking for a less expensive option than traditional hardwood flooring, you’re looking in the right place.

Not only is Luxury Vinyl Click durable as mentioned above, but it is water resistant as well! No need to worry about a spill ruining your wood. Just clean it up according to the care specifications and you will not need to worry about the floor being ruined.

Perhaps you are looking to install flooring on your own, but you’re not exactly sure where to start or are just looking for an easier option? Luxury Vinyl Click planks are an easy option to choose. Each side of these planks click into one another, sort of like a puzzle piece. Just complete your measurements and click them into place.

Well, maybe you’re not wanting to go that far and do the installation yourself. No problem! With the Luxury Vinyl Click option, we can do the installation with ease. We may even be able to get the flooring done sooner than you thought depending on the size of the flooring you wish to be done or the condition of the flooring that will be underneath of the planks.

Whether you’re going for a more traditional wood flooring look, a rustic farm style flooring, or are looking for more modern looks, we can help. We have many different collections to choose from. If you’re interested in taking a look at the collections we have, head on over to our  Luxury Vinyl Click Product Swatch section of our website to see which option you’d like in your home.

Ready to make that step to make your home have a luxurious floor? Contact Timeless Designs today so we can help you get started with your dream flooring!

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