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What You Didn’t Know About Engineered Wood
Monday, February 16, 2015

You’ve perused the blogs. You’ve watched all of the home improvement shows. You’ve gone out to your local flooring distributor. Despite completing all of these actions, you still feel like you don’t know enough about engineered wood to determine if it’s the floor you want in your home. Look no further; we answer all the questions you’re pondering about engineered wood floors and whether or not this enduring floor is right for you.

What is it?

We figured telling you how this floor is different from its solid hardwood relative is a good place to start. While laminate is a picture of wood and can’t actually be deemed a type of wood floor, engineered wood is 100 percent genuine wood. Engineered wood has a top layer that is a solid wood veneer and the layer underneath can be made up of plywood, high-density fiberboard or medium-density fiberboard. You won’t be limited to choices of color or design with engineered wood because of the solid wood top. As it is made of real wood, the options are endless and you choose from a wide range of wood species to be the star of your floor. Because the top layer is made of solid wood, your home can have the enchanting feel of hardwood without the price and drawbacks solid wood may have.

Where can it be installed?

A huge plus to this flooring choice, engineered wood can be installed in most places that solid wood isn’t recommended. Specifically, engineered wood can be installed in an area that has high moisture, somewhere that might have extreme temperature changes or over a concrete subfloor. The multiple layers of material used in engineered wood make it more stable than solid wood. This stability allows the floor to remain flat and has a greater resistance to drastic temperature changes that solid wood doesn’t provide. Sure, sure, you may have heard that engineered wood is only good in the basement. While basements are a great location for engineered wood because they are below ground and can be damp, don’t limit yourself to thinking that is the only place this type of floor can go! Engineered wood looks elegant in the kitchen, in a living room or family room and can even liven up a bedroom. The choice is yours. Plus, some species of engineered wood can be installed over radiant heating systems, which if you were to do this with hardwood, the hardwood could buckle or even dry out. No one wants that to happen with a floor.

How long can it last?

Because of the extra layers of plywood or fiber underneath its top wood veneer, engineered wood has more stability than solid wood does with its simple hardwood composition. If you’re looking for a floor that can last in your home for generations to come, engineered wood is an excellent choice. If you’re worried about Fido scratching up the wood with his nails, that isn’t something to be concerned over with this floor. But if your home is full of 101 Dalmatians, engineered wood can show some wear, but after many years. However, if you’re looking to refinish your engineered wood, you can do so. This floor can be buffed or polished to remove surface scratches and give it a new look in your enchanting home.

Is this a “green” floor choice?

While there is no official guide as to what makes floors a “green” choice, there are factors that can be addressed that can help determine if there is an effect on the environment. First of all, the added layers of plywood or fiber in engineered wood means this floor doesn’t waste wood in its production, thus conserving forests. Being impervious to humidity helps improve the “green” score for engineered wood floors as well. Though no floor is eco-friendly in all of its aspects, each option has its own benefits. Plus, may we add that we are a part of the National Wood Flooring Association, which is an organization that promotes environmentally friendly floor options. Need we say more?

There is no need to look anymore when you’re considering an engineered wood floor. This enduring floor not only can stand up to an eventful home — dogs, kids running about, accidental spills — but it also gives you the elegant feel solid wood does. Besides being able to be installed in different locations throughout a house, engineered wood has many options for you to choose from in order to make your house feel like a home.

If you need some inspiration on engineered wood options, browse the Timeless Designs collection for the most enchanting selection.

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