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Vinyl flooring is no longer the less glamorous option when it comes to beautiful floors. With advances in design and endless styles to choose from, the things customers have always loved about vinyl floors are even more appealing.

Sheet vinyl floors now boast wear-resistant coatings, innovative floating floor installation, and a multitude of styles to coordinate with any residential or commercial space. Sheet vinyl offers flooring with minimal seams, which can be a huge benefit to your customers looking for flooring for smaller rooms.

The thickness of vinyl sheet flooring can vary: as thin as 10 - 15 mils (thousandths of an inch) to 25 - 30 mils thick. Patterns are impressed on the surface of the vinyl either with a rotary press or with large plates with the design engraved below the surface of the metal. Both printing methods impress a pattern on top of the gel layer of foam and underneath the wear layer, ensuring a very durable pattern.

One of the most beloved aspects of vinyl floors - aside from the ease of daily clean up - is the ease of installation. Sheet vinyl floors need to be installed by professionals because of the difficulty in handling large pieces, but it can be done quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively by a good flooring team.

The beautiful sheet vinyl flooring at Timeless Designs™ is durable, fashionable, and affordable. You don’t have to give up exceptional quality and appearance for cost. With Timeless Designs™, it’s high fashion, high value.

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High Fashion, High Value Luxury is in Every Detail Elegance is Timeless Where Design Meets Durability
You don’t have to be walking down the runway to make heads turn. Walking in your home with an enchanting floor from Timeless Designs™ will be just as noticeable. But having flooring that is noteworthy doesn’t have to be expensive; that’s why we offer you numerous flooring options at the best prices. Having your home’s flooring from Timeless Designs™ means you’ll receive high-end, luxury flooring at an affordable price. You don’t have to give up exceptional quality and appearance for cost.


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