FloorScore® Certified

Breathe Easier With Timeless Designs.

At Timeless Design, we know that there is more to your flooring than just how it looks, so our products undergone the extensive process to be FloorScore certified.

FloorScore is the most widely recognized indoor air quality standard certification for flooring and related materials. In order to be certified, products must be evaluated by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). SCS measures several factors that impact that air quality, such as the amount of volatile organic compounds the product emits. These carbon compounds are emitted by any number of materials and can have adverse effects on the air and your health. FloorScore products also qualify for many environmental programs, such as LEED, ANSI, and CHPS.

High fashion and durability make Timeless Design products a practical choice. FloorScore certification make them the safe choice.

FloorScore Certified