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Why Carpet Can Be Beneficial to Your Home
Thursday, October 23, 2014

As fall is well upon us, the temperature is starting to get cooler and the days are starting to get shorter (no doubt you’ve noticed!). For many people, coming home to a warm, inviting and all-around cozy home in the fall is alluring. But it may be difficult to achieve a warm and comfortable home with tile flooring. Carpeting has many benefits for your home and will assure that warm feeling you cherish — in addition to keeping your home warm during those crisp fall days and through the winter.

Warmth and comfort

The obvious reason there is a benefit to carpet in your home is how carpet retains warmth more than its hardwood and tile counterparts. Carpet can provide your home with actual thermal resistance. The ability to retain warm air longer is actually an energy conservation benefit. Which brings us to our next point …

Improves indoor air quality

That’s right, carpet can make allergy sufferers, asthmatics and anyone with a stuffy nose all rejoice. Of the common floor choices available for homes, carpet is the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emitter. Carpet acts like an air filter that can trap dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander and other airborne particles, removing them from the air people breath. But just because the carpet traps all of these particles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vacuum; regular cleaning keeps carpet looking like new and helps with indoor air quality.

Noise reducer

Televisions, stereos, telephones, computers and more all can make the home a noisy place. Carpet can absorb all of these sounds, as well as many others. Walking about in a home won’t be as loud with carpet throughout. Worried about the noise from one floor to the next? Carpet takes care of that as well; it works as a sound barrier between each floor by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below.

Less expensive

That’s right, this type of floor is less expensive than other flooring options for your home. Hardwood is a natural resource, so its price is higher than that of carpet. There are different styles and textures of carpet, so the price of carpet can vary based on those aspects, but overall carpet is inexpensive compared to solid hardwood floors. And, as it turns out, carpet is less expensive to maintain than any other type of floor.

These are the most direct benefits of having carpet in your home. Comfort and usage are the key factors when thinking about the benefits of carpet. Have you seen the variety of textures and styles of carpet lately? There are more choices than you could imagine! If there is a benefit we missed or you would like to add one, let us know in the comments section. And feel free to browse all of the carpet options we offer here at Timeless Designs.

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